Designer Towel Radiator

SMARTU U has a very functional shape to hang or store towels upon its shelf, so you can keep your towels warm and snug on, while not taking up too much space itself.

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    CodeFinishHeight H (mm)Length L (mm)Centres  A (mm)No el (pcs)Weight (kg)Volume (l) Output ∆T 30ºC (W)Output ∆T 50ºC (W)Output ∆T 60ºC (W)
    SMU080/031.5V9010RAL 9010 white31580066048,503,70230439526
    SMU080/031.5CR Chrome 31580066048,503,70177338405
    SMU080/031.5X Stainless steel 31580066048,503,70170325390