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RADOX begins its story in 1993, with the name of CALOREX, a project founded by the visionary engineer Cornel ROȘU, the current administrator of the RADOX group.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

The year starts with 3 employees and ends with 12. We are participating for the first time at TIB, the largest profile exhibition in Romania. The product portfolio consists of wall hung boilers, aluminum radiators and pumps, all made in Italy.


TIB exhibition, ROMANIA

Romania knows for the first time the high quality Italian faucet with our help. We sign the strategic partnership with Giacomini, the Italian manufacturer, world leader in the production of fittings and integrated heating and cooling systems. We complete the portfolio, for the first time in Romania, with the first air conditioners. Due to the performances of the 26 employees in the team, we manage to own 50% of the national wall hung boilers market.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

The ambitious RADOX project is born. The RADOX warehouses and headquarters have 27,000 sq m in Bucharest. The first factory in Romania for the production of towel radiators will be built here. RADOX headquarters is the first building in Romania equipped with underfloor heating and cooling system and radiant ceiling, both Giacomini brand.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

We inaugurate the first production line of steel towel radiators, designed exclusively for the Italian market. With a team of 70 members, the distribution of HVAC equipment continues to develop on the Romanian market.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

For the first time, we are starting to offer the concept of towel radiators in Romania as well. We are starting to collaborate with large store chains, and METRO Cash & Carry is the first partner to have confidence in our innovative capabilities.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

From the classic SCALA and ROUND bathroom radiator models, we are developing and starting to produce the first design radiators. More and more markets in Europe are starting to enjoy our high quality products, with the help of 240 RADOX employees.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

The RADOX brand is officially born and becomes a registered trademark.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

Investments continue, and RADOX has its own automatic electrostatic painting installation, with a production of 900 pcs / day.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

We are inaugurating the most efficient chrome plating installation in Eastern Europe. With a team of 618 employees, we receive ISO9001 + 14001 certifications. RADOX continues to be a top player on the Romanian installations market. In September 2005, production begins in the second radiator factory, in Câmpulung Muscel.


New Office, Campulung Muscel, ROMANIA

A special division of stainless steel high quality designer radiators is developed in Bucharest factory. We can offer various type of finish for our stainless steel top radiators: polished and brushed (satin).


Bucharest, ROMANIA

RADOX radiators are conquering European markets. With a new identity, a new catalog dedicated to design radiators, RADOX begins to exhibit at major international trade fairs. The team has 261 employees.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

In 2011, RADOX puts on the market the floor convectors produced in the factory in Bucharest. We participate for the first time in the internationally renowned fairs ISH Frankfurt and Aqutherm Moscow.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

ÎIn 2015, we launch the FLEXI product range for the first time in the world. This radiator model has flexible arms that also heat up.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

Award of Excellence & Jubilee Trophy received from the National Association of Exporters and Importers in Romania (A.N.E.I.R.) in the Jubilee Gala, in recognition of its merits in the development of Romania’s exports, for the fifth consecutive year as one of the European leaders in heating, air conditioning and ventilation for its complete range of solutions offered, being the largest Romanian producer and exporter of steel radiators.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

We celebrate 25 years of excellence, work and success! We start the strategic partnership with the BDR Thermea group, world leader in the field of heating and air conditioning. RADOX becomes a national importer of BAXI equipment. RADOX is now a brand of high quality products and services. We have national coverage through our distribution and DIY stores. RADOX products are present in 35 countries, on all 5 continents of the world.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

We sign the partnership with Johnson Controls, a leader in HVAC production worldwide, and we become a representative of the York and Hitachi brands in Romania. Thus, the Radox portfolio is completed with residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, including heat pumps, VRF systems, Chillers, Rooftop units and Air Treatment Plants.


Bucharest, ROMANIA

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The success of RADOX is due to the recognition of positive results and the performance of the company’s business model.
The cohesion of the entire RADOX team ensures the smooth running of the business, globally.