Designer Radiator

Perfect proportions, shape and function, these are the key worlds of ARENA. With rectangular sections, full balance of the shape, ARENA becomes the focus point of each room, while producing a good heat output.

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    CodeFinishHeight H (mm)Length L (mm)Centres A (mm)No el (pcs)Weight (Kg)Volume (l)Output ∆T 30ºC (W)Output ∆T 50ºC (W)Output ∆T 60ºC (W)Electric options (W)
    AR058/065V9010ACRAL 9010 white6505805048,006,00164 315 394900
    AR058/100V9010ACRAL 9010 white100058050611,908,90245471588600
    AR058/135V9010ACRAL 9010 white135058050815,8011,90326626 783600
    AR058/170V9010ACRAL 9010 white1700580501019,8014,90406782977300