Designer Radiator

Utilizing unique welding technology, MEGA is a modern reinterpretation of a vertical radiator. Determinate and powerful, its single (mono) or double configuration (bi) of elements create a relentless pace accentuating the dynamic radiator, with its unique empty centered elements. As well as bringing that special touch to your space, MEGA has a high heat output with low water volume.

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     CodeFinishHeight H (mm)Length L (mm)Centres A (mm)No el (pcs)Weight (kg)Volume (l) Output ∆T 30ºC (W)Output ∆T 50ºC (W)Output ∆T 60ºC (W)
    monoMM1500*08V9010ERAL 9010 white15003631458831,8013,10373          712          890
    MM1800*08V9010ERAL 9010 white18003631758837,7015,50442          844       1.055
    MM1500*08XL Stainless steel 15003631458831,8013,10277          528          660
    MM1800*08XL Stainless steel 18003631758837,7015,50328          625          782
    biMB1500*08V9010ERAL 9010 white150036314581661,8025,10721       1.377       1.721
    MB1800*08V9010RAL 9010 white180036317581673,6030,00860       1.641       2.051