Standard Towel Radiator

Perfect for any interior, CELSIUS is a practical and cost effective towel rail, available in a wide range of RAL colours and chrome plated.

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    CodeFinishHeight H (mm)Length L (mm)Centres A (mm)No el (pcs)Weight (kg)Volume (l)Output ∆T 30ºC (W)Output ∆T 50ºC (W)Output ∆T 60ºC (W)Electric options  W
    CEL050/120V9010RAL 9010 white/alb1200500450207,794,85224430538500
    CEL060/120V9010RAL 9010 white/alb1200600550208,835,48258496620600
    CEL050/147V9010RAL 9010 white/alb1470500450249,425,87270519649600
    CEL060/147V9010RAL 9010 white/alb14706005502410,676,62311598747600