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0. Raw material (steel)

1. Nickel semi-bright

2. Nickel bright

3. Chrome bright


The quality of the chrome plating process determines the level of corrosion resistance and durability of the radiator. And our finish will always have a mirror effect, without losing its shine over time.

The chrome plating of RADOX radiators is of multilayer type, a superior process, made in our modern, complete automated and ecological installation.

Corrosion tests demonstrate the efficiency of our process, RADOX radiators exceeding without any trace of rust in a continuous and accelerated environment of heat and humidity (accredited laboratory) the standard 100 hours. Always concerned about the quality of our future, RADOX does not use harmful derivatives with a devastating effect on the environment - other manufacturers continue to use copper in the chromium plating process.


0. Raw material (steel)

1. Oxide-passivation layer

2. Epoxy –polyester powder


For painted RADOX radiators, the surface preparation is essential to ensure superior corrosion resistance.

By sandblasting, degreasing, phosphating, the surfaces of the radiators are cleaned and prepared so that the paint adheres perfectly to the base material and the state of the paint is an effective and durable anticorrosive.

The painting process is an ecological one, in electrostatic field, with 180 degree polymerization. The paint is purchased from the largest manufacturers in the world, such as AKZO NOBEL.


Our stainless steel radiators are available in two finishes: satin or glossy. The glossy finish comes from a technological process that includes polishing the surfaces. Radiators with a satin finish are obtained by abrasive grinding. All made from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly 304 marine grade stainless, our radiators are some of the most durable products on the market.

You can find the code product for every radiator in this catalogue.
As standard, for painted radiators we have put white (RAL) 9010 as standard colour. If you wish to order any other colour, just put your desired RADOX colour code instead of 9010 and you will have the right product code to be ordered.



We will use the example of an ARENA Designer radiator, pag. 13 dimension 580 x 650 mm- we want to buy one in RED:



This sample colour chart only represents the range of RADOX colours available. It is not representative of the actual colour finish on the radiators, as they have matt, glossy or textured finish that we cannot reproduce on this page. Please ask for a RADOX colour chart from which to confirm your selection before placing an order.

On request and subject to availability, we can provide any other RAL colour - please contact your local sales team for more details. Due to RADOX’s and the painting manufacturing techniques applied, there are colour tolerances to take into consideration, as variation are possible in shade or shine.

An esquisite radiator demands an esquisite finishing touch. RADOX provides an extensive line of designer valves, chrome plated, stainless steel and painted towel bars, towel hanger and robe hooks.
These premium accessories are a result of years of consistent development affording RADOX the artistic privilege to attire each radiator on an individual basis, according to the client’s design scheme.